Directly to adults adopted as children and birth relatives of adopted adults:

Via local authorities and for adopted adults:



Facilitated by Jean Milsted and Jan Shine from Paullus Consultancy (they met whilst Jean was CEO at NORCAP and Jan was a highly experienced NORCAP intermediary)

Workshops Include:
  • Wanting to know … or not? the dilemmas of older adopted teenagers as well as

    Overview :

    This workshop enables young adopted people and adoptive parents to consider the issues involved in search and reunion from the perspective of a young adopted person as either an initiator or as a recipient of an approach from a birth relative.

  • Wearing my shoes and trying on other people's - understanding different perspectives on adoption, search and reunion

    Overview :

    This workshop provides an opportunity for those who experience adoption from all sides of the adoption triangle (adopted people, birth relatives and adoptive family members) to come together. Participants are invited to share their thoughts, feelings, concerns, ideas and experiences about how adoption affects their lives and about search and reunion in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Just setting out? or re-joining the main carriageway? ….the search and reunion journey

    Overview :

    Using the analogy of a journey by road with the final destination being the state of readiness to make an approach to a relative lost by adoption, or deciding not to make an approach, the workshop explores where you are on that journey and where you want to be. It helps you plan the route, prepare for potential road blocks and pot holes and identify potential sources of roadside assistance.

  • Preparing for reunion for adopted adults and birth relatives

    Overview :

    This one-day workshop considers the range of issues associated with having contact with relatives lost through adoption.

Available now for Professionals:

A comprehensive training programme covering all aspects of working with adults affected by adoption: (see training programme). The training days can be delivered consecutively as a package, or individually to individual local authorities or to consortia at their own venues. Dates can be negotiated.

  • Birth Records Counselling and Access to Information

    Overview :

    This training day is open to social workers who want to learn the legal, procedural and emotional issues relating to statutory work with adopted adults.

  • Intermediary Services for Adopted Adults and Birth Relatives

    Overview :

    For all agencies still offering this vital work, this day provides the opportunity to look at all legal aspects of the service as well as learning about the skills needed to delicately negotiate contact between adult relatives separated by adoption.

Directly to adopted adults and birth relatives of adopted adults:

Searching, Tracing and Intermediary services:

This is when someone applies for contact to be made with a relative lost through adoption.

The person making the contact on your behalf has to be registered with Ofsted

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